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Various Ways by Which Surrey Electricians Can Reward Their Customers


In this highly competitive age, repeat customers and building long-term bonding with new customers is more important than ever before. If you are not fulfilling the expectations of your customers, you can lose a big chunk of your businesses to a competition that does. The good news about the situation is that amongst the high competition and changing electricity codes, there is an increasing demand for professional electrical services in Surrey BC, Canada. So, if you want to seize the opportunity, you should work on keeping your customers happy.
Here are the six ways that you can use to meet customer’s expectations and get more referrals.

1- Professional Attitude

A positive and professional attitude is important in conducting business, and it is valued by customers and coworkers alike. In your dealings with customers or employees, maintain professional attitude and language and be respectful towards people. Even in a customer interaction that is not going as planned, you should maintain your professional manners.

2- Be Responsive to Queries

Customers like to work with companies and people that are responsive and make an effort to respond to customer queries. With an ever-increasing interaction channels through the internet and social media, take out time to respond to each of the customer queries. Provide complete, precise and genuine answers rather than automated replies. As Electrical Contractor Surrey BC, you should use the platforms that are requested by the customers to reach them.

3- Fulfill Your Commitments

Whether it is about pricing or completion date, you should always work to fulfill your commitments. In case of any delays or unexpected expenses, take time to inform the customer thoroughly about the situation. Electrical contractors that are punctual and honor their budget and timeline commitments make more repeat customers.

4- Engage Customers

The current digital landscape offers various inexpensive and efficient methods to engage customers and build long-term relationships. By making Electrician Surrey BC official pages on Facebook, LinkedIn or other channels, you can engage your customers, inform them about the latest updates, and can connect with them effectively. Build a caring image for your company by providing relevant information to the customers. By offering simple tips and tricks to save electricity bills or by letting them know about the latest codes, you can tell your customers that you value them.

5- Own Your Mistakes and Offer Compensation

Most of the customers prefer to work with an insured and bonded electrician. Why? Because there will be someone to take responsibility in case of an accident. If anything goes wrong at the site, take responsibility for your mistakes and offer compensation to the customer. By doing so, you will not make an opportunity for repeat business, but you may also score valuable referrals.

6- Follow Up and Feedback

A follow-up call or feedback is a way of telling the customer that you care about them. Take time to make a follow-up call or leave a feedback email. Make sure that you read the feedback and act upon any suggestions for improvement if offered.


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