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Do’s and Don’ts in An Electrical Emergency


Electrical emergencies are terrifying and life-threatening.

Almost 17% of all residential fires are either due to electrical heating or electrical malfunction, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries and millions of dollars of property loss every year. Electrical emergencies such as electrical fire spread fast and are extremely lethal. The malfunctions such as an electrical shock are also devastating and must be addressed quickly.

It is essential to have an electrical emergency response plan in the building, and home and all residents must be educated and trained on how to respond to the electrical emergencies. From calling 24 Hours Electrician Surrey, BC and 911 to switching off the main electricity cable, it is important to take appropriate steps while remaining calm and under control.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts in case of an electrical emergency.


Switch off the Electrical Supply: When you realize that there is an electrical emergency like an electric shock, arc flash or short-circuiting, you should try to cut down the electrical supply to the area. If it is in a wire that is plugged in an electrical outlet, you should turn off the switch and unplug the cord. If it is in the residential wiring, turn off the circuit breaker of the whole property.

Call Emergency Response if Needed: If you see sparks or electrical fire, you should immediately call the 911 and the fire response unit. If someone is injured due to the electrical shock or is unresponsive, you should call emergency services.

Call 24 Hours Electrician: If you have cut down the electricity before the problem could get worse and there is no injury or property loss, you should immediately call the 24-hour electrician services in your area to come to your property and inspect the problem.

Stay Calm and Safe: To cope with the electrical emergency, you should be calm and must be in full control of yourself. You should ensure your safety before helping anyone else if you are not trained for such situations.

Evacuate the Building: If you see that the fire is spreading or there are problems with the wiring of other areas as well, you should immediately leave the building and wait for emergency response services outside.


Do Not Panic: If you panic in an electrical emergency, you reduce your chances of survival.

Do Not Touch Electrical Wire or Plug: You should not directly touch any electrical wire or appliances which seem to have a problem. If you touch a bare wire or plug, you can be electrocuted.

Do Not Touch the Electrocuted Person: If you see that a person has electrical shocks, you should not touch that person or get close to him. The electricity will begin to pass through you, causing electrocution to both of you. Therefore, you should get an insulated thing such as a wooden stick or rubber gloves before helping the person.

Do Not Switch Power on Your Own: An electrical emergency is not a DIY situation mostly. If you are not trained or do not have any knowledge, you should not turn the power back on before the inspection from 24 Hours Electrician Surrey, BC. You should let the electrician identify and fix the problem before switching power back.

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